At EXTON ADVISORS, we imagine a world where litigation finance undergoes its next evolution to become the sophisticated and tradable asset class that it deserves to be.

Your business
partner, for good

Exton Advisors stands out by delivering expertise in every aspect of the unique and complex litigation financing asset class. We advise corporate legal teams, their private practitioners and their funding partners in order to make the most of litigation assets. While there are plenty of funders, insurers and brokers, there is no other independent advisory business with our level expertise that is designed to join the dots between the worlds of funding, insurance, and wider advisory support.

Our broad range of experience and skills mean that we can plug into a myriad of scenarios, providing the specialist support you need to create value and seize opportunity in disputes. Our purpose is to help clients find the right path forward, whether you’re an in-house legal team looking monetise litigation assets or  take work-in-progress off your books, a law firm looking to manage the risk associate with contingency fee portfolios, or a litigation funder looking for a leader in the secondary market.


What’s our secret?

We provide an independent view on a crowded market. We look at a dispute in the same way we would any other asset, and believe it is all about finding the right outcome, not the fight. Our team brings a diversity of capabilities and experience to the table, but our shared determination to deliver for our clients means we’re always on the same page.


Unrivalled services
for business

No other advisors focus on joining the dots between the worlds of funding, insurance and wider advisory and support like we do. We’re 100% focussed on bridging those gaps to offer the right outcome. It all starts with an assessment of your investment appetite, combined with an exploration of the possibilities and the practicalities of litigation financing structures and investment terms.

Our advisory services concentrate on the assessment of the availability of specialist litigation finance across a broad network of capital sources, advice on the preparation of proposals, price and structure comparisons, negotiation of the terms on which finance will be provided, and advice on the structure of finance agreements. This applies to single case or portfolio funding, right through to the monetisation of a claim, award or judgment. We also provide a variety of pure advisory services, such as second opinions on deal pricing, support on costs budgeting, pricing and even asset tracing.

We also act as a specialist litigation insurance broker, providing advisory and placement services to meet the complex and challenging needs of businesses, their private practitioners and funding partners. When it comes to disputes, insurance placements need true expertise, deep relationships and often require bespoke, game changing solutions. We have a unique perspective and a track record of delivering.


Our core propositions

1. Undisputed thinking
We have brought together the most innovative thinkers and experienced practitioners in the asset class, providing the guidance you need to navigate special situations with confidence

2. We’ll save you time, energy and increase your chances of a successful outcome.
We’re straight-talking people in a complex world, intent on cutting through the noise to find the right solution, even when we’re up against tight timetables and competing demands of multiple stakeholders

3. With us, you’re in safe hands.
We’re ambitious for ourselves and our clients, so we’re always active, never passive and you can trust us to ensure you succeed.