We are here to offer something radically different to any business seeking to maximise opportunity and minimise risk in their disputes. We do that by delivering expertise in every aspect of the unique and niche litigation financing asset class, aligning the interests of corporate legal teams, their private practitioners and their funding partners, in order to make the most of their joint litigation assets. Quickly, easily and hassle-free.

How do we add unique value to corporate legal teams?

1. We’re designed to provide independent advice for the world’s leading legal teams

2. We find the very best economic solution – think of us as a special situations team for your disputes portfolio

3. When it comes to litigation assets, we help you drive change and challenge assumptions.

4. We are always additive, and frequently innovative, when it comes to delivering dispute finance transactions

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Even before these challenging economic times, progressive in-house legal teams and their boards were starting to see their organisation’s disputes as potential financial assets. It’s led to a new and innovative mindset where legal departments have moved beyond managing risk into potential profit-centres.

We offer a holistic approach to assessing your strategic and financing options, as well as lead transactional services, ensuring you find the best solution in even the most complex and fluid circumstances.

Our approach to litigation finance is simple – we take a proactive approach to transactions in order to minimise our client’s time constraints and maximise value through the deal. We support through each stage of the process and our advice is always underpinned by market leading financial and strategic analysis. This applies to single case or portfolio funding, right through to the monetisation of a claim, award or judgment. We also provide a range of pure advisory services, such as fairness opinions and dispute valuation expertise for you and your stakeholders.

Whatever the scope and scale of your portfolio, simplifying complexity, clarifying options and alleviating hassle are at the heart of what we do. We’re not here to sell cookie-cutter solutions; we will work with you to find the right answer, be it the most progressive and uncharted option, which takes real expertise and insight to apply, or just the most practical and pragmatic route.

Why do the world’s most prominent law firms choose us?

1. We’re about enhancing your services, working hand-in-hand as one team.

2. We bring a truly commercial edge to everything we can do together.

3. We’re always here for you; a true business partner for your firm’s unique financing requirements.

4. We set a strong pace and know how to deliver in today’s legal services market.

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Progressive law firms and litigators regularly take advantage of our experience and expertise to enhance the valuable service they provide to their clients and bring an exceptional team of experts together.

We’re designed to help you find the capital that could close gaps between your fees and client budgets, accelerate payments and navigate lock-up. What’s more, whether you’re in a full-service firm or a boutique, we can support your own financing requirements, including managing risk and cash flow for contingency fee portfolios and acting as the exclusive advisors to firms seeking a dedicated financing vehicle.


Crucially, you know that the world of litigation funding is complex. But you and your clients stand to benefit enormously from real specialism and detailed knowledge of every aspect of the process, working at pace and addressing the often-competing demands of multiple stakeholders.

Put simply, we want to help you grow your practice. That’s why practitioners see us as real trusted advisors, independently minded and able to answer the big questions at any time.

How does our insight and influence benefit the leading litigation funders?

1. We bring flair and creativity to origination. And support with much, much more

2. We understand that knowledge is everything. Our insight is your asset

3. We’re a valued partner, with an established track record leading secondary market transactions as well as providing access to a unique array of hedging and risk transfer products

4. We help raise capital in the best way for your business as well as providing a unique array of due diligence services for investors


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We seek out market-changing disputes with world-class litigation teams representing global brands in high-stakes challenges, which is why truly innovative collaboration with funders is critical to our success.

We have one aim when bringing potential transactions to the funding community: to present investment memorandum that get you excited, but also to collaborate with you on creating new and imaginative funding solutions that break the mould.

Of course, we aren’t just about bringing the most exciting transactions to your attention. We take pride in having the knowledge and understanding of your business model, needs and protocols. That means we’re uniquely position to assist with portfolio valuation & secondary market transactions, risk transfer and hedging solutions, and raising capital in the best way for your business.

At the heart of our services is expert due diligence in transactions. That means we can also provide investors with expert insight and a unique, independent perspective when it comes to fully assessing any investment opportunity in litigation finance, whether as an LP or debt provider.