We are here to offer something radically different to any business seeking to maximise opportunity and minimise risk in their disputes. We do that by delivering expertise in every aspect of the unique and niche litigation financing asset class, aligning the interests of corporate legal teams, their private practitioners and their funding partners, in order to make the most of their joint litigation assets. Quickly, easily and hassle-free.

How do we add unique value to corporate legal teams?

1. We’re designed to independently advise the world’s leading legal teams.

2. We work with them to find the very best economic solution for their business.

3. We are always additive, and frequently innovative, in terms of the solution.

4. We help you drive change and challenge assumptions when it comes to litigation assets.

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Even before these challenging economic times, progressive in-house legal teams and their boards were starting to see their organisation’s disputes as financial assets. It’s led to a new and innovative mindset where legal departments have moved beyond managing risk into potential profit making centres. Now, more than ever, is the right time to take work-in-progress litigation off your books and entrust them to a team of independent advisors who will help you find the best economic solution.

Exton Advisors can plug into a myriad of scenarios, rather than a turn-key solution, from a lone funding source or broker. Funders may choose to cherry pick your cases. We can look at your whole portfolio and advise on what the right course of action might be. If weaker cases provide headaches, we can wrap them up into alternative arrangements.

Whatever your portfolio of litigation, simplifying complexity, clarifying options and alleviating hassle are at the heart of our offering. We’re not here to sell cookie-cutter solutions; we will work with you to find the right answer, whether the most progressive and uncharted option, which takes real expertise and insight to apply, or just the most practical and pragmatic route. We’ll help create competitive situations with a range of established and nascent funders who are driving real creativity in the market.

Why do the world’s most prominent law firms choose us?

1. We’re about enhancing their exceptional service, working hand-in-hand as one team.

2. We bring a truly commercial edge to everything they do.

3. We’re always here for them; a true business partner for every matter.

4. We set a strong pace and know how to deliver, fast.

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Progressive law firms and litigators regularly take advantage of our experience and expertise to enhance the valuable service they provide to their clients, and bring an exceptional team of experts together

We’re designed to help find the capital that could close gaps between your fees and client budgets, accelerate payments and navigate lock-up. What’s more, whether you’re in a full service firm or a boutique, we can support your pursuit of new business opportunities and help expand your practice areas.

Put simply, we want to help you grow your firm, so the benefits for private practice lawyers are clear. That’s why practitioners see us as real trusted advisors, independently minded and able to answer the big questions at any time.

Finally, they understand that litigation funding is a complicated world where their clients stand to benefit enormously from real specialism and detailed knowledge of every aspect of the process, not just the outstanding legal expertise they bring to the table. We’re also really helpful when time is tight and clients are weighing up all their options.

We all know that funding conversations can take time; time your clients may not have at their disposal. Trust us to deliver precisely what funders need in order to model your clients’ cases, not least because we know how to project manage the comparative analysis.

How does our insight and influence benefit the leading litigation funders?

1. We bring flair and creativity to origination. And support with much, much more.

2. We understand that knowledge is everything. Our insight is their asset.

3. We want to be the destination advisor for disputes. There’s strength in numbers.

4. We’re a valued partner, helping manage risk across their portfolio as well as bringing fresh opportunities.

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We aim to seek out market- changing disputes with world-class litigation teams representing global brands in high-stakes challenges, which is why truly innovative collaboration with funders is critical to our success.

All funders have an open mind regarding origination, but the more proactive and creative the better. We have one aim in mind when bringing potential cases to the funding community; to present investment memoranda that get you excited, but also to collaborate with you on creating new and imaginative funding solutions that break the mould.

It isn’t just about bringing the most exciting cases to your attention. We also take pride in having the knowledge and understanding of funders’ needs and protocols to support our ambition to be the very best claim appraisal team in the market.

In addition, we assist when funders need some support from the secondary market or alternative solutions to augment the available capital for particular scenarios.

That’s why we’re taking bold steps towards building an active relationship across the market and are looking forward to working closely with the funding community.