• DATE: March 15, 2022
What makes a case suitable for litigation funding?

The vast majority of single cases that are presented to litigation funders for investment are rejected. Individual investment firms will have many hundreds of cases brought to them each year and so it is essential that any case presented for investment is meticulously prepared to ensure that you or your client maximize the chances of […]

  • DATE: February 23, 2022
Myth Busting: DBA funding in practice

In our last blog post, we looked at the different alternative fee structures that law firms can employ and how they operate. Today, we bring to life a typical Damages Based Agreement (DBA) to enable law firms to get a tangible sense of what the returns for them and their client look like in practice. […]

  • DATE: February 8, 2022
Moving From Hours To Value: How Law Firms and Clients Can Align Their Interests

Clients are increasingly demanding more mature billing models and are pushing back against the traditional law firm hourly fee model, demanding that law firms become more competitive in winning their business. Today’s client, especially those with valuable litigation assets, is sophisticated and expects a more commercial approach than the standard hourly rate. After all,  corporate […]

Reforms In Third Party Funding in ISDS: Are the interests of States overshadowing Investors’ interests?

In the present-day economic scenario, as more and more companies engage in cross border transactions and investments, there has been a natural and commensurate increase in the number of Investor-State disputes. However, for many investors, pursuing a claim against a state by way of treaty-based Investor State Dispute Settlement (“ISDS”) can prove to be financially […]

  • DATE: September 28, 2021
Episode 4 – Susan Dunn

Exton Advisors · Exton Episode 4 – Susan Dunn

Exton advise on the funding of a collective competition claim against Govia Thameslink Railway

Exton Advisors have advised the proposed class representatives on the funding and ATE solutions for one of the most significant UK collective actions in the UK rail industry. An application to commence an opt-out collective action was launched in the Competition Appeal Tribunal on the 6th July 2021 against Govia Thameslink Railway Limited (GTR) and […]

The Impact of Inflation // What Could the Future Hold for Litigation Funding?

Global inflation, the economic force that for many years has been banished to the back-pages, may finally get its time back in the limelight, and for good reason. A quick glance at recent statistics shows the combined US budget deficit, plus Fed quantitative easing, currently matches the stimulus we saw following the Second World War, […]

  • DATE: May 3, 2021
Episode 3 – Tets Ishikawa

Exton Advisors · Episode 3 – Tets Ishikawa

  • DATE: March 26, 2021
Episode Two – Elena Rey

Exton Advisors · Episode Two // Elena Ray