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What makes a case suitable for litigation funding?

The vast majority of single cases that are presented to litigation funders for investment are rejected. Individual investment firms will have many hundreds of cases brought to them each year and so it is essential that any case presented for investment is meticulously prepared to ensure that you or your client maximize the chances of success.

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Myth Busting: DBA funding in practice

Here we bring to life a typical Damages Based Agreement (DBA) to enable law firms to get a tangible sense of what the returns for them and for their client look like in practice.

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Moving From Hours To Value: How Law Firms and Clients Can Align Their Interests - Part 1

Corporates are increasingly demanding more mature billing models and are pushing back against the traditional law firm hourly fee model, demanding that law firms become more competitive in winning their business. Today’s client, especially those with valuable litigation assets, is sophisticated and expects a more commercial approach than the standard hourly rate.

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